Handseller was founded over 5 years ago by a bookstore owner, for bookstores. Our mission has always been to find ways to use technology to help bookstores sell more books.

We created a system that combines a robust, proprietary search engine with staff reviews, picks, lists and favorites to empower handselling all the way through to your store’s website and soon, mobile app. We envisioned a way for your bookstore to combine this with marketing tools for on-target, personalized engagement with customers through multiple channels. Finally, we had a goal of bringing it all together with the industry’s POS vendors so that Handseller would be simple, affordable and efficient.

Morley Horder: Co-founder of Handseller LLC. Owner of Eagle Harbor Book Company on Bainbridge Island, Washington for 20 years. A devoted supporter of Independent Bookstores his entire life, Morley is seeing his dreams come true with the launch of the Handseller Customer Engagement Management Suite. At every turn, Morley brings his real life experience as a bookstore owner into the product development phase to ensure Handseller will be easy to use, practical, and truly make a difference for his fellow booksellers.

Colleen Horder: Co-founder of Handseller LLC, a prior Wall Street banker, Merle Norman executive and founder of her own chain of day spas, Colleen helps drive the business and has been supporting Handseller from the onset - actively engaged in helping to make sure the customer experience reflects the bookstore experience, and moreover, that Handseller is kept current, modern relevant and puts Indies at the leading edge of retail. Colleen is an avid reader with little patience for technology that doesn’t work – which makes her one tough tester!

Theresa Savage: Co-founder of Handseller LLC. and founder of one of the premier personalization software companies for retailers, Theresa has dedicated her experienced team to developing the technology Morley envisioned. Attending Winter Institutes and interviewing scores of bookstore owners and their staff, Theresa has overseen product development for Handseller. With a 15-year background in printing; a suma cum laude graduate in rhetoric she believes in the power of the printed word and firmly believes books change lives. Theresa is thrilled to see Handseller launch and eager to see Independent Bookstores prosper from its use.

VB Rao: Director of Technology for Handseller LLC VB has lead a team of between 7 to 12 developers over the course of the last 5 years to bring the Handseller Customer Engagement Suite to market. VB has developed retail and product recommendations software for companies such as Avon, Bloomingdales, Macys and drugstore.com before taking the lead at Handseller LLC.