Marketing Console

Handseller Marketing Console is designed match books (both new and used) with your customers’ reading preferences. Enable your customers to tell you what they want, what they’re interested in, when they want to be notified and how. On an OPT IN basis send email notifications and post personalized announcements. Graphic templates are available to make the whole process easy and as automated as you choose.

The Marketing Console includes:

Find customers for a book

Invite customers for an event

Website – personalized offers

Custom campaign

Find customers for a book This is an amazing tool to set on auto mode. It will take all of your new (and used books) and find all of the customers who have opted in to be informed when books come in that match their reading preferences. If you set it on “auto” you literally don’t have to do anything. The system will automatically find the customers who have opted in to be notified when books come in that match their reading interests. If you set it to Custom Mode, you only send emails when you schedule them yourself. BUT - AT ALL TIMES, the Handseller system applies rules that limit emails based on relevancy, frequency and customer engagement preferences.

Invite Customers for an event The Handseller Website Tile lets YOUR customers tell you when they want to be notified about certain store events. But what about the non-typical event customer? The Handseller Suite helps your store identify customers whom, based on their reading preferences, might be interested in a particular event. For example, a customer who purchases self-help books may not otherwise attend literary readings, but would be interested in an author event for a book about Positive Intelligence.

Website – personalized offers The Handseller Suite, in particular the Marketing Console, gives the bookstore the power to market to a “bookstore of one”. By turning on certain Web Offers, a bookstore can be sure that their customer is getting deals and offers they actually care about. Let’s take for example the reader who loves literary classics. Imagine if that customer came to your website and each visit there were new offers (or just new used books) specifically related to literary classics? That customer would be your loyal follower forever.

Custom campaign The Handseller Suite understands that sometimes customers only want certain kinds of offers.